Subdue Thy Slave Sex Leg Restraints
Subdue Thy Slave Sex Leg Restraints
Subdue Thy Slave Sex Leg Restraints

Do you have a bratty bottom who blatantly disobeys your orders? Does she also like to challenge you in an attempt to take over? The time is now to put a stop to this power struggle. Show your slave who's in charge and do so with style. Prevent her from using her legs to her advantage with the Subdue Thy Slave Sex Leg Restraints. Using one of these will ensure you get to enjoy taking control of your game.

This leg binder is exquisitely made, and though it looks intricate, you won't be needing a user manual to tell you how to wrap it around her legs. To use, loosen the lace for ease of sliding the binder from her feet to her legs. It shouldn't go higher than the knees. Tighten it by pulling the lace and make it tight enough to limit her legs from moving. Finish off by cinching the binder with the straps. The lace-up and buckle system will ensure her legs won't slip off no matter how hard your bottom wriggles it off.

Designed to bind the legs securely, this bondage piece is made to endure wear and tear. The holes where you lace through the string have metal grommets to reinforce durability. The edges are also hemmed to prevent fraying. Sewing work is done with precision to prevent unraveling. Soft, superior quality PU leather is the material from which it's constructed.

The leg restraint is available in black, white, and pink. Your preference matters, not hers, so what's it going to be? It's a one-size-fits-all leg binder as it's adjustable. When it comes to its cleaning and maintenance, you won't break a sweat as all you need is a clean cloth damped in soapy water. Use it to wipe off dirt and accumulated sweat. That's it!

Take full control and never let her have her way. Buy now!

Color White, Rose Red, Black
Material Synthetic Leather, Lace
Dimension Length: 12.60 inches (32 cm)
Upper Opening: 9.84 inches (25 cm)
Lower Opening: 7.87 (20 cm)

Subdue Thy Slave Sex Leg Restraints

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