Submission Fetish Human Leash
Submission Fetish Human Leash

Who says dogs are the only ones that can be leashed? Humans can be led on, too! Put your slave right where she belongs and lead her like a pet with this Submission Fetish Human Leash. It's a perfect tool to use to humiliate your submissive lover in public.

This bondage accessory features a leather handle that lets you drag your human pet around. It's comfortable to hold, yet it's firm. It won't rip apart no matter how hard your docile partner tries to escape from your hand.

Attached to the handle is a metallic ring where a long metal cord is attached. This cord features a series of oval links looped together, a sign that your slave is committed to you and no one else. Towards the end of the chain is a lobster clasp that lets you connect the leash to the choker that your plaything is wearing. Just hook it to the pendant of the dog collar and lead your human-dog wherever you want.

But before you do this to your partner, make sure that you and your lover are on the same page. Ask for your partner's consent and discuss the rules and limitations that will be followed throughout the play. Also, don't forget to set some safe words or gestures that your SO will say or do. Doing so will let you know if it's time to stop the act.

Now that everything is set, nothing won't stop you from treating your sweetheart like a pet! Go ahead, strip off your lover's clothes, get your partner down on all fours, shove a dog tail plug into your slave's ass, and wrap a collar around your plaything's neck. To complete the look, attach this Submission Fetish Human Leash to the choker and lead your partner like a pup—or discipline your slave for being a bad dog. It's your choice how you want to torment, please, or tease your passive partner.

Give the kind of treatment your human-dog deserves. Grab this collar now!

Color Handle: Black
Chain: Black, Silver
Material Handle: Faux Leather
Chain: Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Submission Fetish Human Leash

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