Sub's Trendy Furry Collar
Sub's Trendy Furry Collar

Want to go furry all out? Perhaps you want to take your man's sissy appearance a step further? Whatever your fetish or kink is, this Sub's Trendy Furry Collar should do the trick! It's so cute and fluffy; it's a perfect accessory to change your human pet's look!

This fetishistic neckpiece features a thin leather strap covered with fur. Both the leather and the fur are made of faux materials; hence, no animal was harmed in making this product. Nonetheless, it's hypoallergenic, so rest assured that it won't cause any irritation on the skin.

In addition to the fur, this BDSM choker is studded with snap-on buttons. This type of closure secures the collar around the neck so it doesn't fall off in the middle of the intense action. Just wrap it around the neck and snap the buttons to keep it in place.

Then, there's the heart-shaped ring fixed at the center of the neckband. This uniquely designed metallic ring adds more cuteness to this piece. But as many people say, looks can be deceiving. When you incorporate it into your sex play, your perception of this pendant will change! Attach a leash, a rope, or any bondage tool you like to this heart ring and humiliate or punish your plaything as you please. If that's not enough, tease your sissy's body with a kinky tool of your choice and watch him leak! Just don't forget to set some boundaries and safe words before jumping into this kind of play, as things could get rough in the middle of the scene.

The Sub's Trendy Furry Collar is available in black and white. Pick one that suits your fancy––or why not grab them both? This way, you can choose a collar that matches your sub's sissy look and the scene. Just don't forget to add them to your cart to make that happen.

Color Black, White
Material Collar: PU Leather + Faux Fur
Heart-Shaped Ring: Metal
Dimension Length: 13.19 – 16.14 inches
Width/Diameter: N/A

Sub's Trendy Furry Collar

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