Sultry Red Sex Toys Restraints
Sultry Red Sex Toys Restraints
Sultry Red Sex Toys Restraints
Sultry Red Sex Toys Restraints
Sultry Red Sex Toys Restraints
Sultry Red Sex Toys Restraints
Sultry Red Sex Toys Restraints
Sultry Red Sex Toys Restraints
Expertise in bondage play doesn’t happen overnight. It may take you and your partner some time to get used to it.

Just like both of you, many couples have started their journey from scratch. They don’t have a slight idea of how it works in real life. And don’t forget the awkwardness they felt on their first night. Yes, they have also been through them all. And they were able to redeem themselves. No one ever said that bondage would be easy! But everyone knows that it’s totally worth the time and effort. So shrug that doubt off your mind.

If your first tool couldn't manage your expectations about bondage, then let these Sultry Red Sex Toys Restraints do the trick!

Studded and adjustable handcuffs, shackles, and a collar — these are the things that comprise this set of restraints. They are made of PU leather, a base material known for its sultry look and erotic scent. They also boast incredible softness and suppleness that your partner will surely love.

Unlike the metal counterparts of these restraints, the sub doesn’t have to worry about getting extreme markings and scratches towards the end of the play. They have a smooth interior surface, making them the best choice for first bondage plays. Connecting the restraints are sturdy metal chains and rings that can withstand tension from recreating hogtie position.

Explore the pleasure of bondage even more through impact play. Whether it is a paddle, flogger, or a whip you choose as a weapon—it doesn’t really matter. It’s all about doing simultaneous teasing and spanking that will drive your partner hornier.

Bondage is best played with your partner’s consent. Make sure to communicate with her about your plans. Also, assign safe words as signals to halt should playing gets rougher than her expectation.

You can maintain the best quality of these tools by not submerging them in water. Just wipe their surface with a slightly damped cloth and make sure to dry them thoroughly before storage.

Don’t let these restraints run out-of-stock without getting yours! Buy them now!
Color Collar and Cuffs- Red
Chains- Silver
Material Collar and Cuffs- PU Leather
Chain- Metal
Dimension Length:
Full Length- 17.72 inches (45 cm)
Adjustable Length - 15.35 – 20.08 inches (39-51 cm)
Ankle Cuffs
Full Length - 12.20 inches (31 cm)
Adjustable Length- 9.84 – 14.96 inches (25-38 cm)
Full Length - 9.06 inches (23 cm)
Adjustable Length- 7.87 – 11.81 inches (20-30 cm)
Width/Diameter: 2.17 inches (5.5 cm)

Sultry Red Sex Toys Restraints

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