Super Sticky Transparent Tape Gag

Picture this: your slave is sitting on a chair, fully naked and all bounded. Isn't it satisfying? What more if your submissive partner's mouth is covered with a strip of clear tape, and her body is wrapped with the same tool?

Well, here's some good news! You can turn this wild bondage fantasy into reality by getting this Super Sticky Transparent Tape Gag. With this tool, it would be hard for your partner to escape!

The tape measures three meters by five centimeters. Its length is more than enough to restrain not just the mouth but also the whole body. Meanwhile, its width can cover your sub's lips, keeping their mouth shut during the entire play. Your partner won't be able to make loud noises and movements, allowing you to concentrate on your dirty deeds.

Other than that, this bondage tape is super sticky. So sticky that not even a single drop of sweat can lessen its viscosity. Nonetheless, it's gentle on the skin. It won't leave any marks on the skin nor pull the hair, regardless of how strong the adhesive is.

But the BIG question your lover up for the challenge? Well, you need to ask your babe to know the answer to this question. Get your SO's consent and ask if your honey is willing to be your sub, and of course, be taped up. Also, don't forget to discuss some ground rules and limitations that will be followed throughout the play. Finally, set the safe gestures and signals that will be used while the scene is ongoing. Doing so will make the game fun yet safe.

So don't just sit there and let your wild bondage dreams be just a fantasy! Act now and turn them into reality by getting this Super Sticky Transparent Tape Gag. Add it to your cart now!

Color Transparent
Material Acrylic
Dimension Length: 118.11 inches (3 meters)
Width/Diameter: 1.97 inches (5 cm)

Super Sticky Transparent Tape Gag

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