Sweet Caress Feather Tickler
Sweet Caress Feather Tickler
Sweet Caress Feather Tickler
Sweet Caress Feather Tickler
Sweet Caress Feather Tickler

Your soft hands with dainty fingers have been your most effective flirting instrument. You can stroke your man's cheeks, lips, and chest to tease him until he bursts with laughter. He lets your hands roam freely because his favorite part is when you tickle his willy.

Tickle your way to an explosive sexual experience with the Sweet Caress Feather Tickler. Laughter is an aphrodisiac, so having lots of it during foreplay will help build up arousal. This caressing tool will not only induce laughter but will also heighten excitement during foreplay.

Make it more dramatic by putting on a French maid dress to give you a reason to hold this feather duster. Take off his clothes and brush his body with this duster to titillate his erogenous parts. See, it’s not just a prop for a role play because it’s a helpful tool in making your intimate moments deliciously sexy and naughty.

A light stroke from this duster will awaken desire as it has a bunch of love plumes perfect for stroking. Who says BDSM is always savage, dark, and painful? This tickler shows the other side of BDSM, which is romantic, gentle, and flirtatious. As such, vanilla couples can integrate this teasing tool to spice up their intimate moments.

Hold it by its handle to maneuver it with ease. The handle size is just perfect for you to grab and grip. You can also use the ball-shaped end of the handle to massage tired hands and feet. And if you are that naughty, you can toy your flower with it to make it moist. You can also use the plumes to titillate your cherry to pump up his libido.

Soft and fluffy, this feather brush comes in black, red, pink, and purple. You can collect all four to match your lingerie or French maid dresses. Buy now!

Color/Type Purple, Red, Pink, Black
Material Feather
Dimension Length: NA
Width/Diameter: NA

Sweet Caress Feather Tickler

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