Sweet Leather Body Harness Lingerie
Sweet Leather Body Harness Lingerie
Sweet Leather Body Harness Lingerie

The hots you have for your gorgeous slave is unreal. You can't help it; she takes care of you and your fleshly needs. You want her all for yourself, and that is not changing anytime soon.

Of course, you also fulfill her need for a good spanking, which you know she wants so bad. The only thing missing now is a way to make sure she stays yours wherever she goes. Well, the Sweet Leather Body Harness Lingerie is going to be perfect for labeling her that she's yours—forever!

This PU leather belt is sturdy given its material. Yet, she will have comfortable hours of wear even when she wears this for a long time. This material is highly favored in the kink world because it signifies submission. Don't fret because this is faux leather, so no animal is harmed to make this beauty.

The sleek design boasts a Y-belt running from the neck to the waist, which gives this a stunning look. The collar, the vertical strap, and the waistband are all connected via O-rings. The vertical leather strap features a belt as its adjustment mechanism, with its punched strap and a buckle. So when you want it tighter, you can simply fasten them at your preferred fit. All the silver parts are made of high-quality metal, a firm material that will hold any pressure well.

A truly versatile accessory has to transition from a striking fashion statement to a great tool in bed. Whether slim or curvy, you can easily fit with this one. But keep in mind that this gear needs upkeeping. Keep this body harness lingerie in top shape by regularly cleaning it with a disinfectant. Also, avoiding moisture and extreme heat will keep this accessory beautiful.

Brand her with a stunning piece that complements her style. Don't miss out on this leather harness! Add this to your purchase now!

Color Black
Material PU Leather + Metal
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Sweet Leather Body Harness Lingerie

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