Sweet Torture Butterfly Nipple Clamps
Sweet Torture Butterfly Nipple Clamps
Sweet Torture Butterfly Nipple Clamps
Sweet Torture Butterfly Nipple Clamps
Sweet Torture Butterfly Nipple Clamps

You know your man is so turned on, and frankly, addicted to your boobs. His love language is to fondle your breasts and pinch your nipples as he spoons you at night. While it hurts a little as he squeezes your nipples, you can't deny that it feels rapturous at the same time.

Tell you what, make this a part of your play—the nipple torture game, and experience a one-of-a-kind sensation you never felt before. Heighten this kinky play with the Sweet Torture Butterfly clamps!

Get the sweetest punishment from a tool that's primarily designed to titillate your bosom's highlights. This pair of butterfly clamps are made of stainless steel, making it safe to place on the sensitive soft skin of the nipples. The tongs of the clamps are coated with safe-to-use plastic to prevent direct contact of the skin to the metal, too—just for added protection. Each pincher also has a G-clip attached to it, in case the play calls for a chaining action—which will surely elevate your lovemaking session.

Ask your man to place these toys on your breasts. To use them, pinch the handles of the butterfly clamps, then put the tips on your nipples. Once the target is aimed, release the grip to the handle and let them do the job of numbing your sweetest chest spot. Let him play with them by attaching some cords to the clips, and allow him to pull the strings to experience a knee-trembling feeling. He can squeeze your breasts and fuck you down there as the toy does its duty.

After the intense humping activity, always make sure to clean the clamps. There may be salty sweat residue on them that may react to the steel, so wash them thoroughly with water and mild soap to keep their beauty.

Be in sweet surrender as the Sweet Torture Butterfly clamps tickle and stimulate your titties and as your man takes advantage of your other body parts. Get them now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Weight: N/A

Sweet Torture Butterfly Nipple Clamps

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