Teasing Candles for Sex Play Set
Teasing Candles for Sex Play Set
Teasing Candles for Sex Play Set

A romantic dinner consists of lovers, a scenic ambiance, scattered rose petals, and lighted candles. A good massage requires firm strokes, lavish essential oils, controlled room temperature, and aromatic candles. The role of candles in intensifying the senses is underrated, but the truth is they do wonders in setting the mood right.

If you feel like making more memorable moments with your partner, then you might want to consider ditching dim lamps and lighting up the wicks instead. You can count on scented tea candles to make your nights more intimate. But if you're seeking a naughtier adventure, you need to use a different kind. Here's an idea—why not bring the Teasing Candles for Sex Play Set to your bedroom?

These wax candles aim to please. They are packed in a waterproof kraft box, so you'll know that they are of high quality from the get-go. One set contains three candles of different colors: blue, white, and red. These candles are odorless, made of pure paraffin. What's more interesting is that they melt at 45 degrees Celcius, a relatively lower temperature than ordinary candles' melting point. Thus, you can have your sensual plays as safely as you want them to be. Each teasing tool weighs 35 grams and is perfect for a session's use.

Put a blindfold over your lover's eyes and have them guessing what your next move will be. If this is your first time using a candle during foreplay, then you will definitely catch your partner off-guard as soon as the first drop of wax lands on his delicate skin. However, make sure to gauge his reaction initially and be careful not to overdo it. It would also help that you establish safe words and signals and acknowledge their use.

Light up your sex life with the Teasing Candles for Sex Play Set. Click the button and buy yours now!

Color/Type Red, Blue, and White
Material Paraffin Wax
Dimension Length: 7.09 inches (180 mm)
Width/Diameter: 0.67 inches (17 mm)

Teasing Candles for Sex Play Set

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