Telescopic Iron Pipe Sex Swing Accessories
Telescopic Iron Pipe Sex Swing Accessories
Telescopic Iron Pipe Sex Swing Accessories
Telescopic Iron Pipe Sex Swing Accessories
Telescopic Iron Pipe Sex Swing Accessories

Everyone wants good sex. Unfortunately, not all have the space for it. Most often than not, elaborate swings not only take too much room but are time-consuming to assemble as well. Since you’re the type who’s always on the go, you can’t have a sex tool that’s a permanent fixture in your house. You prefer getting something that you can carry around whenever you travel, so you can bring the gold standard of sex anywhere you go.

You need something portable and handy, but at the same time gets the job done. If you are fond of having fuss-free mid-air orgasms, then you will like the Telescopic Iron Pipe swing Accessories!

This stainless steel bar will make all your wet dreams come true. This tube is retractable, making it a versatile sex aid. It is available in three sizes: 1 M, 1.2 M, and 1.5 M, so you can adjust its length to fit your doorframe. This rod works well with any sex hammock that needs suspension, and you don’t have to buy new sets to enjoy. Soft sponges wrapped on both sides of the pipe help keep your stirrups in place, so the straps will not slip when the humping gets rough. It has a loadbearing capacity of 120 kg, and it can carry your partner’s weight.

Since this straightforward device is made of stainless steel, it requires minimal upkeep. You can easily collapse it when your session is finished, store it in a bag, and install it quickly again for your subsequent use. You can even carry it when you travel and turn an ordinary escapade into an unforgettable sexcapade. The limitations do not exist!

Finally, you can say that fantastic sex will always be waiting for you at your doorstep. Buy the Telescopic Iron Pipe swing Accessories; it’s the best decision you can make today. Click that button now!

Color/Type Bar: Silver
Sponges: Black with Red
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
1 M: 39.37 inches, (100 cm), 25.59 inches (65 cm)
1.2 M: 47.24 inches, (120 cm), 29.53 inches (75 cm)
1.5 M: 59.06 inches, (150 cm), 39.98 inches (99 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Telescopic Iron Pipe Sex Swing Accessories

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