Tight-Fitting Trendy Velvet Collar
Tight-Fitting Trendy Velvet Collar
Tight-Fitting Trendy Velvet Collar
Tight-Fitting Trendy Velvet Collar

You never loved your woman for her physical attributes. Your love for her grew because of her devotion and obsession with you. She did all the things you wanted—even breaking her hard limits in sex. For this, you want to give her a special gift that will always remind her of you.

Before anything gets cheesy, here's the Tight-Fitting Trendy Velvet Collar. It's one of the best presents you could ever give your woman. It is also a form of reward for her total submission to you.

A piece of statement accessory, this choker is a symbol of her possession to you. Much like a wedding ring, this neckpiece is worn to tell people that she belongs to someone else—to her master, to be specific. So as she uses it with her casual wear during the day, you can rest assured that men won't attempt to get near her.

This collar has a classic and regal design. It is relatively thin and short that it snugs on your woman's neck. Its main strap, a black velvet cloth, measures 11.81 inches long. It extends to 2.76 inches more for the gold chains that hold its lock. It comes in two designs—one with the pearl pendant and one with a gold ring accentuation. Both look majestic and royal, and they can be matched with any attire she wants to wear. Even the simplest blouses will look stunning and sultry when she puts this on her neck. But then again, calm yourself. No man will hit her up as long as she has it.

As this is made of safe-to-use velvet fabric, she can wash this when it gets stained. Water and mild soap, plus gentle hand wash, will do the trick to eliminate sweat and odor from it.

Never think twice about giving gifts to your submissive lady. Get this Tight-Fitting Trendy Velvet Collar now!

Color Black with Gold
Material Velvet Fabric + Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length:
Choker: 11.81 inches (30 cm)
Lock: 2.76 inches (7 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Tight-Fitting Trendy Velvet Collar

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