Transparent Kink Collars
Transparent Kink Collars
Transparent Kink Collars

She was wearing a cleavage-unveiling blouse on your first date when you knew she would be the love of your life. It wasn't her plump breasts that caught your attention at all. It was her neck. When she ponytailed her hair to slurp her soup, you almost reached your climax. Her neck was so tender-looking, slender, and smooth.

Now that you're together, there's no way you would let her go. Caging her inside your house is a big no-no as you know she has a life to live still. So make sure she's yours wherever she goes by having her wear one of these Transparent Kink Collars. They are highly symbolic statement pieces that say, "No other men can own me."

Cover your lady's neck with something that makes it visible still. This collar is just perfect for doing that job as it comes transparent. It's a series of links held together, forming a chain wrapping the throat and nape. It is made of safe-to-use resin, so you can rest assured she won't get an allergic reaction to it. Plus, trust that it's not as heavy as metal which causes pains and strains the neck. It has a fixed length that fits many. So if your lady has an average body type, this will surely suit her.

The neckpiece comes in three variants. They all have the same collar, a transparent one, and differ only on the color of the pendants. These heart-shaped resin embellishments are available in red, clear, and pink. So ask your lover which one she loves the most. Whatever it is, it will surely complement well with her chest and neck!

If you're into BDSM, you should know what collars mean. Tag her with this choker! Get her one of these Transparent Kink Collars to secure your woman. Buy now!

Color Chain: Transparent
Pendant: Transparent, Pink, Red
Material Resin
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Transparent Kink Collars

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