Transparent Polycarbonate Thumb Pillory Stocks
Transparent Polycarbonate Thumb Pillory Stocks
Transparent Polycarbonate Thumb Pillory Stocks

What you hate about your man is his fetish for playing your pussy with his fingers. Whenever you fall asleep, he takes advantage of you and your pinkish lips down there. It just annoys you every time he does that. It offends you somehow as he prefers using his fingers to stimulate you rather than fuck you hard, which you appreciate more.

Ugh! There's only one way to stop him from doing that. It is through cuffing his fingers using the Transparent Polycarbonate Thumb Pillory Stocks. Now, you can put those crawling fingers in jail!

This pillory will refrain him from fingering you in your deep sleep as it will hold his hands together so he can't use them effectively. It is made of laminated polycarbonate material, which resembles an acrylic's texture and form but is relatively thicker and more durable. It has two cuffs on it, each of which is adjustable via the sawtoothed hooks. These hooks open and lock by pulling and pushing them against the shim installed in the pillory's middle ply.

Have you gone insane that you turned from Sleeping Beauty to a sadist wild bitch? Pinch his fingers as a form of punishment for the dirty things he did. Tighten the mechanism by pushing it as hard as you can, squeezing his fingers until he surrenders—now that's a scene! While in agonizing pain, play with his junk—sit on it, lick it, tickle it, softly bite his balls until he releases his fountain of jizz!

The finger-restraining tool is durable, but it is still breakable. Make sure not to stack heavy materials on top of the toy. Also, for safety purposes, do not let it last for more than 20 minutes, especially once the fingertips turn blue. It might cause permanent damage to your man's hands! After all, you should only use this for kinky plays and not for grave torture.

Restrict your man's playful fingers by installing the Transparent Polycarbonate Thumb Pillory Stocks to his hands. Get this now!

Color Clear/Transparent
Material Polycarbonate
Dimension Length: NA
Male Size: 0.79 inch (Adjustable)
Female Size: 0.71 inch (Adjustable)

Transparent Polycarbonate Thumb Pillory Stocks

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