Transparent Sleep Sack Adult Latex Suit

Mummification is an extreme BDSM practice that involves binding a submissive from head to toe. It is a combination of total sensory deprivation and bondage play using sleep sacks or body bags. Most items for this practice leave holes for the mouth or nostrils for air source, while others have none at all, making it a risky BDSM play.

But you know what they say, a kinkster finds dangerous acts thrilling. The riskier the scene they are trying to make, the more erotic they find it to be. And if you are looking for a sleep sack in the practice of mummification, then let this Transparent Sleep Sack Adult Latex Suit help you with that.

The first thing you will notice about this ensemble is its sleekness and elasticity. These two are the common attributes of its base material, latex. Anything of this material clings on the body tightly, as if creating a second skin. It is ready to satisfy a dominant’s fetish for skin-tight bondage. It has a long zipper at the front part for easy wearing and taking off. It has a tensile surface that is resilient to tearing and abrasion. And if you are worried if your partner can keep up with this product’s intensity, you can rest assured that she can breathe fine with the mouth and nostril holes on its head part.

Consent and communication—these two things are the most important things when it comes to extreme BDSM play. Make sure that your partner is well-informed about what she’s going to experience so that she can lay down all her limitations. Create a shortlist of safe words or gestures to use when things get too rough for her in the middle of playing.

Practice proper wearing and storing of this dress to maintain its quality. By carefully reading the washing tips and general instructions provided in the description box below, you can do so.

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Color Skintone
Material Latex
Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL - Refer to the size chart below for the measurements
Recommended for Women or Men
Washing Tips and General Instructions Handwash only. Always wipe away excess water with a soft towel and leave to dry flat or hang up to drip dry. Never tumble dry, dry clean or iron your garment. Do not use washing powder or bleach for washing.

Transparent Sleep Sack Adult Latex Suit

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