Trendy Leather Choker Collar
Trendy Leather Choker Collar
Trendy Leather Choker Collar
Trendy Leather Choker Collar
Trendy Leather Choker Collar

There is no guarantee in life. Your lover is loyal to you now, but who knows what will happen shortly? The truth is, you only have this moment to enjoy and, when you are in that time, you have to seize that opportunity.

Make your time matter, and give your partner something meaningful to remember. The Trendy Leather Choker Collar, as seen worn by Doomer Girl in this video, is the best gift to give.

These are glamorous-looking neckpieces that are made of high-quality PU leather. This material is widely used in these trinkets because of its outstanding durability and eye-striking shine. You will enjoy the smoothness of genuine leather without having to pay a heavy price. Consequently, this collar features multiple variants for you to choose the kind of vibe you want to have. Model A has a beautiful black heart as a pendant and a strap of 12 inches that can extend up to 2 inches more. The B neckpiece has an adorable key as a pendant, while C has a pretty sun decoration. Lastly, style D features a cross pendant. All these charming jewels will make the wearer stand out.

Additionally, these neckpieces also signify ownership of the Master to the Sub. A true BDSM possession needs to be celebrated with an eye-striking piece like this. That way, you can mark your Submissive wherever they go.

Make sure you give these charming items some love by cleaning them regularly. You can clean this by wiping it with a cloth soaked in disinfectant. Then, pat it dry before storing it in its box.

Nothing will make anyone stay. After all, we are all made with our own free will. But, when you chronicle your experience with lovely pieces like this collar, it becomes a symbol of that specific moment of your life. Make every bit meaningful and grab this stunning piece today!


Color Black
Material PU leather
Dimension Length:
A: 12 inches + 2.8 inches B: 17 inches
C: 17 inches
D: 17 inches
Pendant: A- .394 inch, B- .59 inch, C-.59 inch, .79 inch
Width/Diameter: N/A

Trendy Leather Choker Collar

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