Triangular Leg Spreader Sex Equipment
Triangular Leg Spreader Sex Equipment
Triangular Leg Spreader Sex Equipment
Triangular Leg Spreader Sex Equipment
Triangular Leg Spreader Sex Equipment

You hate complications, so you want to keep things as simple as possible. On the contrary, if there's one thing you love the most, it's that feeling of having control over someone's body. And while you and your partner enjoy the pleasure of bondage, the time it takes to get all your tools together can be annoyingly complicated. Well, to keep your bondage play simple without removing an ounce of thrill and excitement, here's the Triangular Leg Spreader Sex Equipment.

If you love using bondage tools, but you're not too handy, then what you need is an all-in-one bondage device to restrict your partner's movements in multiple ways. Good for you the Triangular Leg Spreader Sex Equipment is easy to assemble but still an exciting way to experience bondage. This set includes a collar, a pair of handcuffs, and a pair of ankle cuffs. All of these bands are of high-quality synthetic leather, so they look pretty, but still, they're cruelty-free and skin-friendly too. They are all adjustable, and you can lock them using a padlock and key. You can attach them to your bedpost, chains, or bar, but then again, doing so sounds like a lot of work. Don't worry, because you'll also get a triangular-shaped metal frame where you can attach all of these cuffs. Place her head on the tip while her wrists are locked on the sides. And since you want to have easy access to her lady garden, you want to spread her legs as wide as possible. All you need to do is attach the ankle cuffs to the adjacent points of the triangle's base and expose her wet pussy.

Always keep a set of spare keys for safety purposes. Also, you have to ask your submissive partner if she's okay with using this bondage device. She might have an existing condition that is not suitable or appropriate for using this tool.

Enjoy sex and bondage without any complications. Add this leg spreader to your cart now!

Triangle Frame: Silver
Collar and Cuffs: Pink, Black
Triangle Frame: Stainless Steel
Collar and Cuffs: Synthetic Leather
Triangle Frame:
Two sides: Adjustable from 15.75 to 31.50 inches (40 to 80 cm)
Base: Adjustable from 23.62 inches to 47.24 inches (60 to 120 cm)
Coll and Cuffs: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Triangular Leg Spreader Sex Equipment

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