Triple Ring Male Slave Collar
Triple Ring Male Slave Collar
Triple Ring Male Slave Collar

Most men are stereotyped as controlling, and they never let women rule their life. If your guy allows himself to be your slave, then you must be one powerful dominatrix with so much charm.

If he worships you like a goddess, then wrap the Triple Ring Male Slave Collar around his neck. It’s a modish accessory guaranteed to elevate your bondage play experience. This accessory worn around the neck features three interlaced rings (the large one in the center) threaded through the choker. These loops form the centerpiece of this bondage accessory.

The metal loops create a striking contrast with the black band. And speaking of which, it’s smooth and flexible, ensuring comfort during prolonged use. When it comes to size, there are no limits and restrictions. It fits almost all adult necks because it is fully adjustable. Thanks to its belt-type design.

Put it around his neck just the way you would with a belt. Once you find the right fit, thread the tip of the choker through the buckle frame, and insert the buckle tongue into the hole. This buckle will secure the collar on his neck. It won’t slip off even when you tug or pull it with force.

The hardware pieces are polished to remove all burrs and rough surfaces to save his skin from scratches. Feel free to attach a leash to the large loop so you can take the lead wherever you want to take him.

All the materials used are high-grade. The neck strap is premium PU leather that is thick and sturdy. No animal has ever been harmed in manufacturing the product. More affordable than genuine leather and easier to maintain, this voguish bondage piece will not let you down. You slave can also flaunt it on days when he feels like going casual or punk. Hurry and buy now!

Color Black (PU Leather)
Silver (Hardware)
Material Metal
Faux Leather
Dimension Length: NA
Width/Diameter: NA

Triple Ring Male Slave Collar

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