Two-Toned Leather Posture Collar
Two-Toned Leather Posture Collar

He was moaning so loud inside your sound-proof room when you slapped him so hard from getting too overwhelmed by his sexy, growling voice. It was so intense that he had a stiff neck after that very hit. Instead of ending the play with a fountain of cum, you both went to the nearest clinic to have his neck braced.

It would have been a great night, probably, the best among the rest, but it ended differently. But you were just driven by your emotion, hence the action. And that is understandable. Moving on, you might want to incorporate a safe tool that will keep it safe and sane, like this Two-Toned Leather Posture Collar. Aside from making everything harmless, it will also make it spicier!

This PU leather-made piece will refrain your man's neck from twisting, keeping it in place throughout the play. You can be sure it won't easily tear nor break as it uses high-grade material. It wraps and fully braces your darling's neck with its 3.5-inch thickness and 14-17 inches length. And if you're afraid that it will untangle anytime, fret not! It has a belt at its back to fasten the strap. All these features make it a safe sex tool. But how does it spice everything up?

Look at its frontal view. At its facade locates a hinge that holds a D-ring. This ring carries another hoop. Attach a chain on it, and execute some mind-blowing choking and pet sex-hibitions! You may add drama to the play and match this collar with blindfolds and mouth gags. Whips and chains would be a great addition, too! With all these tools and equipment, you can now enter the BDSM realm!

Getting so stirred during sex is normal. But remember to stay within your limits in sex. If getting overwhelmed is unavoidable, then make sure to use a tool that will benefit both of you. So, start your rough yet safe intercourses soon by getting this Two-Toned Leather Posture Collar! Buy now!

Color Red with Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: 4-17 inches
Width/Diameter: 3.5 inches

Two-Toned Leather Posture Collar

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