Unisex Gor Collar
Unisex Gor Collar

Men in Gor abducted women and turned them into slaves, brutalizing them physically and sexually. These women eventually enjoyed their submissive state. This was all fiction, written by John Norman, and has inspired BDSM role-plays.

The Gorean tale has also paved the way for the creation of the Unisex Gor Collar. Call it a ring of steel because it simply is a flat, circular band. It’s hinged to open it wide and allow quick and easy wearing. On the front is an O-ring, which signifies her submission to get leashed or chained.

Don’t hesitate to put this around your slave’s neck because the edges are polished to perfection. All the surfaces are free from burrs, too. And because it is super smooth, the wearer won’t feel any discomfort.

The two color options you can choose from are gold and silver. What color suits your partner better? Why don’t you look at their favorite pieces of jewelry to get a hint?

It is a collar symbolic of power exchange during BDSM play, but it can also make a nice piece of jewelry during daytime or nighttime when your partner is out and about in the vanilla world. It is modish and versatile. It can be worn with suits or casual, everyday clothes. And that’s not all; it’s made for all adults, regardless of any gender.

With a size that fits most users, rest assured it will fit snugly on the intended user's neck. If you're thinking of using it as a couple necklace, then go right ahead and buy two.

To make this collar last, tell your slave to take it off when taking a shower or going swimming to prevent tarnishing. Cleaning it is quick and easy. A clean piece of cloth is enough to wipe off any dirt or spot.

Be like a Gorean master and put this Gor-inspired collar on your submissive soon!

Color Silver, Gold
Material Metal
Dimension Length: NA
Width/Diameter: NA0

Unisex Gor Collar

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