Vintage Cowhide Puppy Play Collar
Vintage Cowhide Puppy Play Collar
Vintage Cowhide Puppy Play Collar
Vintage Cowhide Puppy Play Collar
Vintage Cowhide Puppy Play Collar

When getting kinky with your human pet, they can become overly thrilled and rowdy. And if your pet is a newbie, most likely, they don’t know how to behave. Being the master, you have to train and discipline your puppy, kitty, or pony.

Proper instruments and tools to train your pet will help them enter that headspace more easily. When they wear the right accessories, they can play their role more naturally. For your doggy, what you need is the Vintage Cowhide Puppy Play Collar. It’s a prime pet collar with a metal chain leash.

The hand-crafted collar is made of cowhide, and it looks vintage along with its bronze hardware. Its stitch work shows impeccable craftsmanship, ensuring remarkable durability. It’s composed of two bands that are joined by straps. Metal rivets reinforce strength. The neckpiece is composed of two bands, and each has two strips of cowhide stitched together to make it thicker and sturdier.

It is adjustable to accommodate a range of neck sizes. The D-ring of the collar is ready for any bondage attachments. If you are kinky, you can attach nipple or clit chains to it. No more will you have to buy a leash because the curb chain that it comes with is its perfect match. With it, you can tug and pull your pet when they misbehave.

With all parts made of A-grade materials, your puppy will be delighted. It’s a unisex restraint tool not only for puppies but for kinksters who want to be tethered and punished.

The set is undoubtedly durable, but to preserve its good quality, keep it away from direct heat and put it someplace where it does not accumulate dirt or dust. Wipe the collar and the chain with a clean cloth regularly.

Give your human pup the collar they deserve soon when you buy it today!

Color Brown (Collar)
Silver (Leash)
Material Cowhide
Dimension Length: 33 inches (Leash)
Circumference: 18.5 inches
Width/Diameter: NA

Vintage Cowhide Puppy Play Collar

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