Vintage Lace Choker Collar for Women
Vintage Lace Choker Collar for Women
Vintage Lace Choker Collar for Women
Vintage Lace Choker Collar for Women

Kinky sex is your thing, but you’d like to keep it a secret. It’s a shame you had to learn it the hard way. One time, you went overboard and gave away a little too much about your bondage fetish to other people. It was a very uncomfortable situation that you wish not to be in again, and you learned your lesson. You vowed never to wear promiscuous BDSM accessories from then on, so your personal business will forever remain private. Does this mean you have to play the naïve Miss Goody Two-shoes outside the bedroom? Hells to the no.

Nosy neighbors and onlookers should not stop you from being proud of your chosen lifestyle, especially if you can outsmart them in spotting clues of your dirty receipts. Evade public attention by wearing something discreet and stylish yet still be sexy and captivating. The Vintage Lace Choker Collar for Women is your best bet!

It will take a Sherlock Holmes to deduce that this unassuming, innocent, and generally harmless-looking choker symbolizes BDSM. This stunning piece is made of lightweight materials such as polyester lace and silky satin-like fabric. It’s breathable and fit for daily wearing, so you won’t develop skin irritations. The ruffle-y strap is sheer lace and guarantees maximum comfort. A thinner strand lines the center of the main strap that adds an accent and softens its appearance. A silver heart-shaped ring serves as the trinket that joins the laces together while being the “main attraction” of the whole neckpiece. A pair of fabric roses and satin ribbons are glued on both sides of the heart for that ultimate feminine appeal. A heart-shaped rhinestone dangles at the bottom of the ring, completing the look. A lobster hook clasp secures the ends of the collar for a snug fit.

The Vintage Lace Choker Collar for Women is available in black, pink, and white. Get them all and flex your fetish!

Color Pink, White, Black
Material Lace
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Vintage Lace Choker Collar for Women

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