Trendy Vintage Slave Bracelet
Trendy Vintage Slave Bracelet
Trendy Vintage Slave Bracelet

The eccentric side of your lover is one of the traits that attract you to her. She has a free spirit, unwavering positivity, and a very laid-back style. She loves beauty, but she is not the sparkly kind of woman. Intricate details that stand out and bold colors are more of her thing, and she wears them without care!

Her personality is undoubtedly attractive, but her physical appearance is mesmerizing, too. To keep her in your lair, you want to award her with a stand-out item that will keep her attractive but not available for onlookers. The Trendy Vintage Slave Bracelet is a stylish piece perfect for that. It has classic details that also evoke a Boho-chic vibe.

If you love to brand your lover as yours, you better make a statement. And this zinc alloy item has elaborate patterns and chains, making it a striking piece of jewelry. Zinc alloy has trusted durability for the price.

The adjustable chain is a juncture of flower-shaped patterns that form the whole zinc alloy link. Six classic coins are suspended at the ends of the charm, three on each corner. They are connected by circular links attached to the main chain. Also, the fastener has an additional coin charm at the ends for a uniform look.

What's more exciting about this accessory is that it has a ring chain. The same flower pattern lines the string that leads to a single loop to fit the finger. Like a real Boho princess, your lover will decorate both her wrist and delicate hands. These dangling coins will make a soft sound as she moves. If you are a master who loves auditory teasing, this will set your senses on fire.

This silver's trendy yet subtle vibe will enable your partner to wear this alone or with other jewelry. But make sure you don't expose this ornament to extreme heat or moisture. Also, storage is important. You can wrap this in a Ziploc for a more secure measure to avoid physical deterioration.

Celebrate your lover with the most appropriate gift. Make that purchase today!

Color Silver
Material Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length:
Bracelet - 6.30 inches + 1.97 inches (16 cm + 5 cm)
Ring Chain - 2.56 inches(6.5 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Trendy Vintage Slave Bracelet

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