Vintage Woman Collar
Vintage Woman Collar
Vintage Woman Collar

It is said that chokers have been around for ages. In fact, its existence can be dated as far back as the Sumerian era–that’s about 2500 BC! These Sumerian artisans’ common choker designs include American silk in black tinge and a gold pendant. People made use of them as some protective items that hold special powers.

But that’s just how it started! After so many years, chokers have evolved from a royal neckpiece to a slave accessory. And its designs are now ranging from simple to extravagant look.

If you are into old-fashioned kinky accessories, nothing beats the Vintage Woman Collar.

This piece showcases an excellent combination of dainty and naughty components. The choker is made of a thin black band embellished with stainless steel jewelry. A precious heart pendant holds these two necklaces in one place, transforming it into a classy and vintage-like collar. It greatly resembles the valuable jewelry items worn by European royalties like Queen Anne Boleyn and Alexandra.

Feeling today’s a great day to go back in time? You bet it is! With this classic everyday choker, you can easily take hold of your partner wherever, whenever.

With a necklace made of stainless steel, you can rest assured that your sub’s skin will always be rash-free–all thanks to its hypoallergenic property. It also boasts heirloom quality you can trust. Even if your partner wears it all the time, it will remain luscious-looking. It is designed with an adjustability function, too. It would be a tad easier for you to find the right setting suitable for her neck’s girth.

When not in use, make an effort to clean the surface of this jewelry piece. Grab some q-tips and gently wipe all its nooks and crannies. Never wear it when going to the beach, as the saltwater will affect the brilliance of this piece.

Collaring your sub? Make it vintage-inspired! Add this jewelry to your cart today!

Color Black and Gold
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Vintage Woman Collar

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