Web of Drool Spider Mouth Gags Strap
Web of Drool Spider Mouth Gags Strap
Web of Drool Spider Mouth Gags Strap
Web of Drool Spider Mouth Gags Strap

No matter how you punish your Slave, there are times when she gets a bit naughty. You know what they say, you can take the girl out of the hood, but not the hood out of the girl, or something like that.

As a Dominant, you always want order in your sex dungeon, and to maintain that rule, you may have to acquire special tools. The Web of Drool Spider Mouth Gags Strap will be perfect for that!

Unlike the ordinary ring gag, this is secured, with steel support that extends to the sides. You will enjoy how your Slave will not be able to flip this over easily when she feels a bit defiant. The firm side support on her face will prevent that from happening. This design is a full-proof model to punish her disobedience.

Moreover, the ring in the center will give you full access to your Sub's oral cavity. You can slip anything inside her mouth with it fully opened. A dildo, maybe your hungry cock? Well, you are the Master, and you can do anything you please while she's in a vulnerable state!

Don't fret because you won't be scratching your Sub's face. The straps are made of PU leather, a firm yet smooth textured material. The belt is adjustable to let you find the perfect fit. You want this perfectly placed in your partner's mouth before starting the session. The silver buckle is a solid clip that will hold this spider gag in place even when the activity becomes rough.

Consent is an important part of any BDSM activity. Make sure you give a clear picture of what you plan to do and the accessories you will be using. This way, your lover is aware of the things to expect. There should also be a signal to make you conscious if she is feeling tired during the concourse.

Come on, give her what she deserves! Add this to your collection today!

Color Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: Strap: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: RIng Size: 1.26 inches

Web of Drool Spider Mouth Gags Strap

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