Wicked Butterfly Stainless Weighted Clamps
Wicked Butterfly Stainless Weighted Clamps
Wicked Butterfly Stainless Weighted Clamps

One of the most underrated pleasure tools in the BDSM world is clamps. The mission to find the most satisfying tools in bondage never ends, and as an adventurer, you have grown quite curious about these tools.

They look a bit intimidating but do not get so overwhelmed. These are simple to use yet still yield unbelievable highs you would never expect. Why not start that journey with the Wicked Butterfly Stainless Weighted Clamps? This pair is easy to use—thanks to the reliable material for having a safe kinky play. The clamps are made of metal, a widely used material that is easy to clean and durable. This clover design will apply moderate pressure on you your nipples. The tips are rubberized so that you don't have to worry about chipping the sensitive skin around the breast.

If you like a more intense pressure around the titties, you can attach the 112 g weighted ball. Each sphere has a fastener to efficiently attach to the clamps for added pressure. And you know how additional weight means more fun!

The fun does not end there. If you want to take a little step further, you can use these accessories in your vag or maybe near the clit, whichever you feel most comfortable with. Nothing too subtle, these pieces will let you have the most adventurous, sensual event.

What's important is you keep these pieces clean before and after using them. Make sure you wipe these pieces and include the tricky areas like the prongs. Moreover, make time to wipe this with a dry cloth before storing it in a separate box, ready for consequent use.

Don't get intimidated by new things! Adventure awaits only those with enough courage to try. So have that spirit and add this to your purchase today!

Color Silver
Material Metal
Dimension Length:
Clamp - 5.83 inches (16.8cm)
Clamp - 1.46 inches (3.7cm)
Ball - 0.87 inch (2.2 cm)
Weight: 0.026 lbs. (12g)

Wicked Butterfly Stainless Weighted Clamps

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