Wide and Wild Ankle Bar
Wide and Wild Ankle Bar
Wide and Wild Ankle Bar
Wide and Wild Ankle Bar

Your partner can be very generous in spreading her love and lust. However, you can't say the same thing for her legs. She's stingy and won't spread her lower limbs as wide as you want. Even if she did, she wouldn't keep it open for long. Lock her legs wide apart and get easy access to her lady garden with the help of this Wide and Wild Ankle Bar.

During sex, you usually ask your partner to spread her legs wider. You ask her to do so because her pussy feels tighter this way. This position also allows you to thrust and penetrate deeper. But sometimes, asking isn't enough. She can be lazy, and you have to force her legs wide open like a closed clamshell. In these events, you need a pleasure tool that will compel her to keep them apart. And for that purpose, this Wide and Wild Ankle Bar can help. This set includes a pair of synthetic leather cuffs and a metal spreader. The cuffs are both adjustable, and they lock using velcro straps. Each cuff has a lobster clasp which you will use to attach the cuffs to the bar. The metal bar measures approximately sixteen inches long and has a hoop at each end. All you need to do is wrap the cuffs around your partner's ankles and attach the cuff at each end of the bar. With this ankle bar, she won't be able to deny you access to her wet vagina.

It may seem like a harmless bondage tool, but you still need to get your partner's consent before using it during your play. Alternatively, you can also use other types of restraints and attach them to the metal bar. You can keep her arms wide apart using a pair of handcuffs, or better yet, use it to spread her thighs.

Get this sleek bondage tool today!

Cuffs: Purple and Black
Metal Bar: Silver
Material Cuffs: Synthetic Leather
Metal Bar: Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Cuffs: 10.04 inches (255 mm)
Metal Bar: 16.54 inches (420 mm)
Cuffs: 2.36 inches (60 mm)
Metal Bar: N/A

Wide and Wild Ankle Bar

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