Women's Discreet Day Collar
Women's Discreet Day Collar
Women's Discreet Day Collar
Women's Discreet Day Collar

Not all bondage neck accessories are worn in the bedroom or sex dungeon. Some blend well in the vanilla world. If you're looking for a kinky accessory that your sub can rock outside your home, then this Women's Discreet Day Collar is a perfect choice! It looks discreet; nobody would think what it truly means––unless the right kind of people see it.

This simple yet alluring necklace features a vegan-friendly leather choker. This black collar is thin enough to be worn out in public. At each tip of the neckpiece are a short metal chain and a lobster clasp. This type of jewelry closure ensures comfortable wear and security. Just wrap it around the neck, then hook the clasp to one of the oval links to close it. Adjust the fit if needed.

And since it's a day collar, this magnetic choker has a discreet pendant, which comes in two designs. One has an inverted triangle fixed at the center where the dangling alloy bar is attached. The other one is like a tassel composed of gold chains. With these pendants, your passive partner can wear this choker at work or even at the bar, and only the right people will know what it means––and that she's owned and off the market!

But what if you're a single sub who doesn't want to mingle? There's no rule telling you that you can only wear this if you're devoted to a dom. Believe it or not, single submissives can rock this bling, too! Just put it around your neck, especially when you're about to attend a kinky event, to let slave seekers know that you're not interested in being someone's plaything.

Let your slave show the world your dynamic relationship. Get this Women's Discreet Day Collar now! This choker runs out fast, so grab one now before it's too late.

Color Collar: Black
Pendant: Silver, Gold
Material Collar: PU Leather
Pendant: Alloy
Dimension Length:
Collar - 12.2 inches
Extended Chain
A – 3.18 inches
B – 3.18 inches
C – 1.97 inches
Bar-Style – 0.51 inches
Tassel-Style – 1.97 inches
Width/Diameter: N/A

Women's Discreet Day Collar

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