Women's Lacy Bell Collar
Women's Lacy Bell Collar
Women's Lacy Bell Collar
Women's Lacy Bell Collar

Is it ever possible that a kinky Dom like you does not get turned on with leather and latex? You are so much into BDSM, but the moment you smell leather or touches latex during your session, that's it—your libido gets all doused off. You can't help but wonder if something is wrong with you, or worse, if BDSM is for you.

Rest your worries because it's completely fine. There's a thing called lace fetish, and it explains why you go crazy whenever your partner struts her stuff in her skimpy lingerie. You find satisfaction in seeing her dress up in something lacy—it powers your libido and makes you excited to take her home and lick her body all over. But your Sub can't always be in laces, especially when you go out, and that's a shame.

Before you kill your vibe and sulk every time she's not dressed up for your pleasure, be sure to check out the Women's Lacy Bell Collar—it's the answer to your problem!

This sweet and innocent-looking accessory packs a lot of naughty secrets—just like your lover. It's made of soft and delicate lace and breathable satin fabric, which she can wear both day and night for your sexy time. The design is impeccable; in fact, it looks good with almost everything. It matches perfectly in casual clothes and adds sex appeal when worn with her favorite skimpy nighties. Pro tip: it looks best when worn along with your partner's hottest suit, her birthday suit, that is.

A dainty bow takes center stage as the ruffle-y lace rests immaculately on her neck. Lastly, there's a silver bell that dangles underneath the bow to make sure it catches your attention. To fasten the strap securely, simply tie a knot using the satin ribbon at both ends of the choker.

The Women's Lacy Bell Collar is available in white, black, and pink. You know it's worth your bucks, so get all the variants before stocks run out!

Color White, Black, Pink
Material Lace
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Women's Lacy Bell Collar

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