Shock Fantasy E-Stim Machine Set
Shock Fantasy E-Stim Machine Set
Shock Fantasy E-Stim Machine Set
Shock Fantasy E-Stim Machine Set

No matter how prim and proper people are, there will always be something that will break their walls down. Something that will make them question their morality. Something that will crank up their lustful thoughts. Something that will turn them wild. And for your Sub, it’s when you catch them off-guard. Oh, nothing turns you on more than hearing your modest lover talk dirty when they get surprised! If having a foul-mouthed sex partner is your fetish, then you’ll get one with the Shock Fantasy E-Stim Machine Set!

This device is a complete package. The main control unit is a handheld power host that’s easy to use. This oval-shaped device is made of ABS, durable and lightweight. It features an LCD screen to see your current setting, making it quicker for you to shift from one mode to another. Each button has a corresponding label for optimum accessibility. This power host runs on three AAA batteries, so make sure you always have those in stock, or better yet, get some rechargeable ones.

The E-stim set comes with several attachments. There’s a plug that you can use on your partner’s vagina or asshole, whichever hole you want to please. Just make sure not to use it on her pussy after you’ve shoved it in her ass.

If you want to give your Sub a full-body experience, you can use the electrode pads included in this set. There are four conductive patches that you can stick on her erogenous zones to induce a more intense orgasm. Pair these with the clamps attachment and watch her lose her mind!

Of course, while watching your Sub drown deliriously in sweet ecstasy, you can’t help but feel envious that you want to join the fun, too. Don’t worry; you can get a taste of this electrifying goodness by using the conductive cock rings included in the pack.

Talk dirty, play dirty. Add the Shock Fantasy E-Stim Machine Set to your collection, you filthy animal!

Color/Type Power Host: White
Vaginal/Anal Plug: Black
Electrode Pads: Blue
clamps: White
Cock Rings: White
Material ABS
Dimension Length:
Vaginal/Anal Plug: 2.76 inches (70 mm)
Electrode Pads: 1.57 inches (40 mm)
Vaginal/Anal Plug: 1.02 inches (26 mm)
Electrode Pads: 1.69 inches (43 mm)

Shock Fantasy E-Stim Machine Set

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