Shocking Sensation Electric Wand
Shocking Sensation Electric Wand
Shocking Sensation Electric Wand
Shocking Sensation Electric Wand

You have been faking your orgasm for weeks now. Your lover is a loyal partner but can't seem to know how to please a woman like you. It looks like he is trying his best but, you can't seem to be in the zone and capture your sexual climax.

Well, this calls for an all-out tool that will thrill you in all the right places. The Shocking Sensation Electric Wand is going to deliver you to an explosive erotic release like never before.

What you need is a touch like no other, which this electric rod will give you. Nothing short of ordinary, you will find yourself entertained by seven kinds of oscillations from this solid stick. Also, you can choose among the eight speed-strength to find the proper pace you want. Lastly, the seven different electric shocks and twelve gear intensities are going to rock your core! Truly a spectacular device, you can explore how far you want to take your pleasure trip.

What's more, is this set includes an 8.27 inches wand that will deliver all the sexual fun. This is no ordinary rod as this is designed to touch the pleasure spots of your love hole. Whether the vagina or ass, you can surely expand your titillating experiences with this device. The powerful energy box is where you will be getting the mechanical fuel. Just be sure to charge this using the USB dock that this comes with.

Imagine the massages you will enjoy with just a flick of a button! Fast, slow, or anything in between! Just be cautious and try this out on the back of your hand before touching your sensitive areas. Also, lube is necessary to keep the insertion comfortable.

Stop pretending and bring back your sexual happiness with this tool. Make sure you add this to your purchase today.

Color/Type Purple, Black, Pink
Material ABS
Dimension Length:
Power Box: 5.90 inches
Wand: 8.27 inches
Power Box: 2.75 inches
Wand: 1.18 inches, 0.98 inch, 1.42 inches

Shocking Sensation Electric Wand

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