Extreme Brutality Chain Flogger
Extreme Brutality Chain Flogger
Extreme Brutality Chain Flogger
Extreme Brutality Chain Flogger

You couldn't believe it. Your partner just said, "More! I want to feel it more!' during one of your whipping sessions. Did she say that on purpose? Is your old, trusted leather flogger not enough for this masochistic lover? It seemed like she had been wanting an upgrade for a long time and was looking for ways to tell you!

Now that you know this, you are a bit hasty to bring in an upgrade to your BDSM tool collection. But seeing the Extreme Brutality Chain Flogger, you know it's the perfect punisher you have to try out.

Just look at this stunning, silver beauty! This will surely be the ultimate test of your kinky partner's threshold. The metal-made flogger has all the features of a reliable whip and more.

You have to hold this flogger tight as you deliver those erotic blows to your lover. That is why this item has a non-skid metal handle with stunning crystal stones. This addition not only makes sure you won't lose grip during the sweaty exchange, but it also looks stunning when light hits these ornaments.

Then, you have a set of beautiful chains that drape out of the whip. These 9.84-inch tails will give that pleasurable pain your partner has been asking.

Although she has been requesting it, you still need to discuss safety with your lover. This flogger is for seasoned players only and is to be taken very seriously. Make sure you assign safe words and gestures to keep the erotic escapade as safe as can be.

Keep this in tip-top shape by wiping this with a dry cloth after each use. Also, you need to neatly arrange this in a drawer, with its metal tassels straight.

Give her what she has been wanting! Hurry and grab this flogger today!

Color/Type Silver
Material Metal
Dimension Length:
Total: 17.32 inches (44 cm)
Chain: 9.84 inches (25 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Extreme Brutality Chain Flogger

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