Slave Punishment Flogger Sex Knout
Slave Punishment Flogger Sex Knout
Slave Punishment Flogger Sex Knout
Slave Punishment Flogger Sex Knout
Slave Punishment Flogger Sex Knout

Being a Master to your Sub has all its glory. Yet, the burden of looking for your next exciting adventure never stops. That is why you like to try out new things that give pleasure back to your BDSM sessions.

Being an effective Dom also has its pressures. You have to look like one. No Submissives in their right mind will allow any Master to order them around looking dull and unattractive. You keep your body tight, get a lot of sleep and try your best to look like a dominating lover.

Of course, it also helps that you keep up with your Slave's taste in bed. She is one wild lover, so the Slave Punishment Flogger Sex Knout is the perfect toy for her.

This punisher is not to be played around by beginners as this features a design intended for advanced players. The thick leather tails are full-on baddie with their braided design with a tip. These strips are all made of synthetic leather, a substantial material that will inflict a heavy whipping sensation to the target body part. Each tail is 17.32 inches in length, so you bet you can make your point with just a flick of your wrist. Tickle your Slave and tease her till she is out of control. You can maneuver how far you want to take your intimate playing. Also, this comes with a 6.3-inch handle with a loop to secure your grip on the flogger.

There must be consent and open communication with your partner. These are essential before giving this whip a try. Also, you can practice your lashing with the use of a pillow to see how deep this punishing flogger can go. In time, you will surely gain total control over this beast!

Moreover, storing this the right way ensures you can use this whip for an extended time. Arrange the leather strips in a straight pattern to avoid tangles. Never leave this kinky item cramped inside a drawer because that will destroy its glorious smoothness.

You can't deny the allure of this piece, so hurry and buy it today!

Color/Type Red, Black, Brown, Pink, Purple
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length:
Handle: 6.3 inches
Tails: 17.32 inches
Flogger: 23.62
Width/Diameter: N/A

Slave Punishment Flogger Sex Knout

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