Studded Sparkling Angel Wings Nipple Rings

You have a large rack, and it's undoubtedly your greatest physical asset. Any top looks so good on you simply because of the way it fits on your boobies alone. However, you can't help but think that those perky bosoms are only "white elephant" or a useless possession. It turns out that no matter how big and bouncy they are, they are the most insensitive pair of decoys ever.

You've tried it all. You bought those nipple suckers, those intense bullet vibes and aimed them at your nipples, those scary-looking clamps that just aren't your style—but nada. None of them can give you the tingles. You are starting to feel like you're a hopeless case, but hold your horses because this just might be it. Have you tried getting your nipples pierced?

Well, this might be the solution to your problem. See, all those sex tools you've tried only stimulate the nerve endings outside your nipples area. But when you consider having a nipple piercing, you will be able to trigger the nerve endings inside your breasts, too! Now before you rush to your local piercing shop, check out the Studded Sparkling Angel Wings rings first!

This straight-barbell jewelry is the perfect accessory to put on your newly-pierced cherries. It is made of stainless steel, so it is easy to sanitize and disinfect. This pair has a gauge 14, a standard piercing size to fit most nipples. Angel wings dangle on each barbell as if telling your partner not to skip fondling your teats because they are heaven-sent. If you think these pieces are too simple for you, then wait until the light hits the surface of these rhinestone-studded charms. Your lover will surely enjoy playing with your breasts when they witness that marvelous sight.

Stop sulking, and get a piercing. Purchase the Studded Sparkling Angel Wings rings now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Package Inclusion 2 Pieces rings

Studded Sparkling Angel Wings Nipple Rings

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