Flower Power Sex Whip
Flower Power Sex Whip

You want it thrilling, exciting, gripping! Edgeplay has made your sexual experience extremely gratifying. Make it complete with a tool that will quench your thirst to inflict pain and satisfy your partner’s craving for a sting!

Give in to your fetish, and let the Flower Power Sex Whip give you delight. It’s an elegant bullwhip that boasts a rigid handle with red floral print! This feature adds a dramatic effect to every lashing made. The handle allows a firm grip without giving you any callouses.

It has a total length of almost 47 inches and a single tail of woven faux leather. The body of the whip has a diameter that gradually becomes thicker from the end to the handle, making it look like a body of a snake. On its tip are strips that will deliver more impact once the bullwhip lands on your partner’s body.

The tail is flexible and swings gracefully when thrown in the air until it hits the target. The crack of a whip is enough to excite fear because it’s savage and brutal, yet it’s sensual, erotic, and orgasmic.

There are many ways to crack a whip, and knowing how to throw one needs practice. This single tail whip is intended only for trained and expert users. It requires responsible use to make edgeplay safe, sane, and consensual.

It’s in black with red on its handle. Black is the color of one’s dark desire and red with a pitch-black background, which symbolizes passion bursting because it’s so intense. The loop on the end of the handle allows you to display it on your wall in your red room of pain.

Made of high-quality faux leather, it will last for many breathtaking sessions to come when properly taken care of. Keep it dry and clean at all times, as dirt and moisture can compromise the material.

Be a god/goddess who can create lightning with your hand. Buy now!

Color/Type Black and Red
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: 46.85 inches
Width/Diameter: 0.79 inch

Flower Power Sex Whip

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