Old-School Leather Punishment Taws
Old-School Leather Punishment Taws
Old-School Leather Punishment Taws

School is finished, but the lessons aren’t over yet. The fun is just about to begin.

You fantasize about being a dirty professor dressed in a decent suit and polished shoes. Your favorite student, however, is dressed in a slutty uniform; her top is half buttoned to show off her cleavage, and her mid-thigh skirt is designed to seduce you.

You have all the costumes you need for your fantasy role play. But do you have the Old-School Leather Punishment Taws? It’s a professor’s perfect instrument to penalize a student who breaks the rules.

The whip is a strip of leather with four slits or tawse on one end. The slapper can be used for teasing and flirting, but when you strike it with force on your playmate’s bare skin, it can sting. It’s composed of two layers of PU leather held together by two round metal fasteners. On the other end is a metal D-ring, making it convenient to hang on the wall.

To flirt with your partner, you can slide or brush the tawse against their bare skin—on their neck, chest, belly, down to their most intimate part. You can also surprise them by starting with light, rhythmic taps before you smite.

When it was used as an instrument for corporal punishment in schools, teachers slapped their students on their palms, their hands outstretched. But as for you, professor, sit comfortably and ask your student to bend over your lap so you can stroke their bottom with comfort. Make those cheeks red, but be sure not to go overboard. Since you are in charge, punish responsibly using this tool of torture.

This punisher is crafted from high-quality PU leather. It's a cruelty-free material and an affordable alternative. Additionally, it’s easy to clean and upkeep and lasts a long time.

Make every encounter deliciously erotic with this punisher. Buy now!

Color/Type Black, Brown
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Old-School Leather Punishment Taws

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