Intensified Torture Wartenberg Pinwheel Set
Intensified Torture Wartenberg Pinwheel Set

If you are the type of couple who believes that there’s more pleasure when there’s pain, then go hardcore. There’s no doubt increased sensitivity results in more powerful orgasms. Let your pursuit of a higher form of sexual gratification start with the Intensified Torture Wartenberg Pinwheel Set.

The torture and pleasure kit includes a pinwheel, an anal plug, a control host, including a cable. Perfect for S&M play, the set will ensure every session is one that you will always look forward to. Imagine electrifying tickles spreading all over your body while you get your butt filled with a delightfully stimulating butt plug!

The Wartenberg pinwheel features a single free-spinning wheel. This rotating wheel has pointed pins that are evenly spaced apart, allowing the disk to roll over the skin effortlessly. Though the spines look pointy and prickly, they will not dig into the skin. Roll the disk on any part of your partner’s body and watch them writhe in bliss. Though the pinwheel looks intimidating, you will be surprised that it is great for gentle play sans the electroshock feature.

With a beady handle, you will have a better grip on the instrument, giving you complete control over the amount of pressure to be applied. It is so easy to use. You simply glide it over a part of the body you want to stimulate, and you are well on your way to building up arousal.

Use it in conjunction with the teardrop-shaped butt expander to maximize stimulating and gripping sensations. It’s designed with a flared base, so you can leave it plugged while minding your pinwheel.

The control host lets you be in charge of the electroshock intensity. Tap one of the buttons to choose a mode, then use the knob on the right to make it subtle or powerful. The choice is yours. Excited and can no longer wait? Buy now!

Color/Type Silver (Pinwheel & Butt Plug)
Material Pinwheel: Stainless Steel
Butt Plug: Alluminum Alluminum Alloy
Control Host: ABS
Dimension Length: Pinwheel: 5.31 inches
Width/Diameter: Pinwheel: 1.10 inches

Intensified Torture Wartenberg Pinwheel Set

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