Pleasure and Torture Wartenberg Wheel
Pleasure and Torture Wartenberg Wheel
Pleasure and Torture Wartenberg Wheel
Pleasure and Torture Wartenberg Wheel

She's done it again! Your slave once again refused to accept your order. You may have been a lenient master to her before, but things are going to change this time. Recess is over, and it's time for you to bring back the ruthless master that you were.

To help you perform your merciless punishments, here's the Pleasure and Torture Wartenberg Wheel, a better version of the simpler wheel as seen here in this porn video. She will wish not to have been born once she feels the tormenting effect of this sex toy!

Prick her skin using this tool until she pleads that you stop. Imagine how torturous this is. It's not just a one-spiked device. Count them all, and you will know that this hexagonal-shaped toy has six equally spaced pinwheels around, with each side having five stacked pinwheels. More so, each of these wheels has 18 pointed teeth, ready to sting your hard-headed slave! This hexagonal vessel rests on an ergonomic handle, keeping its holder from inflicting himself with its thorns.

It's made of safe-to-use plastic, so rest assured it won't pierce through the skin easily. Plus, the gravity of the damage to the submissive partner depends on how hard the dominant presses the toy. If you want to inflict terrible pain on her, you may press it harder. But if you only need to tease her while she's all tied up, gagged, and blindfolded, a gentle roll to her sweet spots should suffice to raise her libido. Run it around her nipples, down to her curvy waist, until you reach the entrance of her love hole. It will also be pleasurable when rolled on the perineum, the space between her butthole and vagina.

As the master, you are responsible for her safety. Make sure that you talk about the limits of your torture play before executing it. Assign safe words and gestures if necessary; they will keep the game fun, safe, and sane.

Are you ready to transform into a pitiless master again? Get this Pleasure and Torture Wartenberg Wheel now and execute your ruthless disciplines!


Color/Type Black
Material Plastic
Dimension Length: 4.69 inches (119 mm)
Width/Diameter: 3.60 inches (91.5 mm)

Pleasure and Torture Wartenberg Wheel

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