Butterfly Boob Bling 14G Nipple Barbells

Nipplegasm is unfamiliar territory for someone like you who has always been so horny. At first, you are dubious if such exists, but when your friends talk about it one night, you know that it’s real. And you were sad because you had never experienced it yet. You can’t tell exactly who lacks the drive to make you feel that kind of rush: Is it your partner who can sometimes be lazy for foreplay, or are your nipples just aren’t sensitive enough? It all gets too frustrating that you find yourself looking for ways to make it happen.

You bought a nipple sucker, and it worked fine at first. Well, until the battery drained in the middle of your session, leaving you high and dry. You want to give clamps a try, too, but you feel like you’re not ready for them yet. So, what’s left for you? While looking at your tattoos, an idea clicked. You want to get nipple piercings!

There’s no other nipple piercing jewelry that fits your situation more than the Butterfly Boob Bling 14G Nipple Barbells. These teat treats are made of stainless steel, a nickel-free and hypoallergenic material commonly used in high-quality body piercing accessories. It is rust-free and easy to sanitize. The ring has a gauge of 14G, the safest standard for pricking delicate body parts like your bosom. Picking the correct gauge lowers the risk of piercing migration and rejection, making this a vital part of the process.

This pair has a unique design. Instead of the usual ball-backs that barbell rings have, these jewelry pieces have butterfly wings that secure the bars in place. These wings are split into halves, trapping your teat between them. They come in a light blue hue with neat silver linings and black speckled details.

Quit stalling and buy the Butterfly Boob Bling 14G Nipple Barbells. Catch that elusive nipplegasm soon!

Color Silver with Light Blue
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Bar: 0.55 inch (14 mm)
Butterfly Wings: 0.47 inch (12 mm)
Butterfly Wings: 0.31 inch (8 mm)
Gauge: 14G- 0.06 inch (1.6 mm)
Package Inclusion 1 Pair rings

Butterfly Boob Bling 14G Nipple Barbells

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