Take All Eight 16 Gauge Nipple Barbells

It's expensive to live life when you're too picky with your sex accessories. You want to have as much of a thing as you want, but you only have limited resources in your pocket. Pushing this lifestyle results in you forgoing other things to own the other. And yes, that is sad.

With the Take All Eight 16 Gauge Nipple Barbells, you don't have to turn your back to the other accessories. True to its name, you can get all of them in one go!

This set is perfect for budget-arians like you, as it comes not just in several pieces but in different variants, too. You can even change your rings each day to alter the look of your titties. With its four shiny metallic colors—gold, silver, rose gold, and black, there's no way you could bore your lover with your breasts' embellishment. Use the same tints each day, or try mix-and-matching different hues for an added style—the choice is entirely yours.

Each ring measures more than half an inch long, 0.55, to be exact, and has a gauge size of 16G, hence the name. Should you need to convert this size, that's 0.05 of an inch or 1.2 mm in SI unit. It has a barbell-type design, where there is a rod that holds two weights on each side. But unlike the real ones, this has bead-like stoppers instead of discs. These spheres prevent the rod from slipping and falling off the tits.

All the variants that come with your set are made of high-quality stainless steel, making them super safe to pierce through the raised skin of your breasts. But while they don't pose risks of danger when worn, they still have to be professionally installed. Make sure to seek help from a surgeon or licensed piercer to have the job done for you.

Imagine eight rings in one purchase. It might be hard to believe that you can get such a deal, but the Take All Eight 16 Gauge Nipple Barbells set is here to prove it's possible. Get this once-in-a-lifetime offer now!

Color Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: 0.55 inch (14 mm)
Width/Diameter: N/A
Gauge Size 16G: 0.05 inch (1.2 mm)
Package Inclusion 4 Pairs (8 Pieces) Nipple Bars

Take All Eight 16 Gauge Nipple Barbells

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