Triple Trouble 16G Nipple Bars

The fascination with wearing piercings in the body has long been in our culture. Long before it was a fashion statement, it was believed to ward off evil spirits and protect the wearer from harm. Also, some communities wear them for spiritual reasons while others model them as a display of wealth.

Standards have significantly changed, but the curiosity towards body piercings has never changed. As a person intertwined with self-expression and independence, you love to experiment with these fascinating pieces, too.

The Triple Trouble 16G Nipple Bars is a great set to express your individuality. The simple yet striking pieces are made of high-grade metal. This material has that smooth exterior that will glide seamlessly to your nipples when worn. You will enjoy hassle-free playing as this is a body-safe medium, perfect for extended use.

Moreover, these items feature attractive pins that keep them in place when worn. This set features two colors for your preference. The set's gold bar bears a pretty crystal stone. You can choose between the two silver models, with one having the same crystal barbell as the gold, while the other has a stunning opal on its tip. Wear them to different piercing locations for a more elevated look.

To put them on, you have to unhinge the rounded latch and place the rod inside your titties. Make sure you wipe the surface with a disinfectant to keep the area sterile. Screw the piercing with the ball stoppers when you feel like you have placed the charm properly.

Also, the pieces are not just for display. They will make your nipples more receptive to stimuli. When your lover strokes your boobs during a heated session, you will feel the fire inside your loins like never before!

Whatever your reasons are for wearing a piece of jewelry is all up to you. Don't miss out on these lovely pieces; buy them today!

Color Gold, Silver
Material Metal
Synthetic Crystal
Synthetic Opal
Dimension Length: Bar: 0.55 inch (14mm)
Width/Diameter: Ball: 0.16 inch (4mm)
Package Inclusion 3 Pieces Nipple Bars

Triple Trouble 16G Nipple Bars

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