Alligator's Vengeance Men's Nipple Clamps
Alligator's Vengeance Men's Nipple Clamps
Alligator's Vengeance Men's Nipple Clamps

Who says ladies are the only ones that can experience nipple torture? Guys can go through with it, too, since they have nipples, after all. And if you want to torture your man’s sweet nips, go for the Alligator's Vengeance Men's clamps! They’ll make your boy toy cry with pleasure the moment they feel the squeeze brought by these bad boys.

Like any other clamp, this one comes in pairs, and each clip has removable rubber tips. These covers ensure that the clamps are effective in pinching the nipples without hurting them. But if you want to take your slave's punishment to the next level, you can remove the caps and let him feel the cold surface and hard pinch of the clamps.

Besides the rubber caps, these devious tools also have screws, allowing you to control the pressure you put on his nips. Tighten the squeeze for an increased sensation or loosen it up for a gentle yet stimulating pinch.

Attached to these clamps are dangling bells. Not only do they serve as décor to the toys, but they also serve as weights. Since they are bells, they will make a sound whenever he bangs you or you bang him from his behind.

Ready to torture your slave’s nipples? Make sure that he’s up for the challenge first! Ask for his consent and establish a safe word or gesture that he’ll say or do while the scene is ongoing. When everything is set, start the kinky game! Play his nips by pinching, kissing, or sucking them until they’re hard and erect. When he’s ready, place his nipples between the rubber tips and clamp them on. Adjust the tension by twisting the screws and hear his squeal of bliss as the pressure gets tighter. When done, wash the toys in soapy water and keep them in a safe place.

Let your man feel what it’s like to be pinched on the nips! Grab these Alligator's Vengeance Men's clamps now!

Color clamps: Black
Weights: Black + White
Material Metal
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: Adjustable
Weight: N/A

Alligator's Vengeance Men's Nipple Clamps

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