Authentic Sheepskin Spanking Paddle
Authentic Sheepskin Spanking Paddle
Authentic Sheepskin Spanking Paddle
Authentic Sheepskin Spanking Paddle

The thought of your lover begging for some spanking has always been one of your fantasies. You have played a few sensory games with your partner, and, so far, she is all for it. Now that you have explored these bedroom scenarios, you need new tools to complement your sensory adventure.

The Authentic Sheepskin Spanking Paddle is a versatile item for you to start with. This item is best for those who want to explore erotic expression.

Paddles are not all about inflicting pain. BDSM consists of a lot of visual and role-playing tactics. These toys will allow you to give the spanking your partner wants and the stance of a wicked Master.

This paddle is covered with high-quality PU leather. The faux sheepskin has a luxe feeling and will render you with the rigidity you are looking for. It has a more forgiving texture compared to metal paddles. It's a great way to introduce this into your intimate sessions.

The 2.56-inch paddle head offers a broad stretch to spank your devilish Sub. Also, this has a substantial handle that will allow you to hold this during the most intense moments.

Needless to say, you have to talk about safety precautions before taking things to the next level. Make sure you assign a safe word for when things are too much for your Sub. You can practice your spanking skills on a pillow before doing it with your lover. This is to gauge your capacity to whip. Bring out your handcuffs and blindfold to create the most sinister impact play.

After the session, wipe this tool with a dry cloth before storing it in its box. Avoid exposure to extreme heat because that will result in material deterioration.

Get ready for the most delightful sensory games yet! Add this to your purchase today!s

Color/Type Black
Material PU Sheepskin Leather
Dimension Length: 12.40 inches (31.5 cm)
2.56 inches (6.5 cm)
1.38 inches (3.5 cm)

Authentic Sheepskin Spanking Paddle

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