Bamboo Spanking Paddle With Holes
Bamboo Spanking Paddle With Holes
Bamboo Spanking Paddle With Holes
Bamboo Spanking Paddle With Holes

No pain, no gain. You’ve heard it not just a hundred times. Is there truth to this cliché? Well, ask S&M enthusiasts, and they will say there is. Pain, when inflicted, induces feel-good hormones, the good ones. The right and controlled amount of torture can deliver heightened sensitivity; hence, some crave gut-wrenching pinches on the nips and bites on the neck.

But what you really fetishize is the butt. The wiggly cheeks stir your libido, prompting you to squeeze and slap them with your bare hands. But why not take a little further with the right tool, with the Bamboo Spanking Paddle With Holes?

Every dom/domme has one good paddle to punish and discipline a submissive. Lucky you because right here is a paddle to serve your kink. The butt slapper features a wide blade with four holes, which allow maximum velocity. So strike with speed!

The slapper has a total length of 15 inches, with a blade measuring 10 inches long and almost three inches wide. It is half an inch thick, but it is lightweight for easy spanking and control of pressure.

With a triangular grip at the end of the handle, you will have more confidence to swing it and not throw it in the air. Secure your hold onto it by inserting your hand through the loop before grabbing the grip. This way, you’ll be sure that you’ll never toss it in the air.

It is perfect for BDSM couples, but if you love vanilla, you can still use this in your intimate moments. Tease and flirt with this tool, and you will have hotter, sexier foreplay—a prelude to a longer-lasting, more blissful orgasm.

Give your partner both pain and pleasure, and you will be surprised at what you have next. Buy now, or you will forever regret it.

Color/Type Light Brown
Material Bamboo
Dimension Length:
Gull Length: 14.96 inches
Blade: 10.04 inches
Thickness: 0.51 inch
Width: 2.76 inches

Bamboo Spanking Paddle With Holes

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