Iridescent Nipple Rings
Iridescent Nipple Rings
Iridescent Nipple Rings
Iridescent Nipple Rings
Iridescent Nipple Rings

Your man loves the action in bed. He always has the stamina for it. But why does it feel like he's just doing it only for himself? Though you reach the peak as he does, you never feel his appreciation of your body. He doesn't take his time to explore what's supposed to be a man's wonderland.

You desire to be desired and not just an object of his lust. If this is what you need, start adorning your body to draw his attention. Begin with your tits because these are sensitive parts. Tits with bling will not go unnoticed, so wear the Iridescent rings to lure him into making love with you.

These nipple loops look simple as they don't have gems that possess the brilliance of a diamond. However, these sleek and shiny metal rings have some iridescent coating that shimmers. These O-rings come in three sizes to suit different sizes of nipples. Their tube is 1.2 mm in diameter.

These tit rings feature a simple clicker closure mechanism, where the post's tips slide into the hollowed ends for a seamless appearance. Polished to perfection, the loops are free from rough surfaces for that smooth insertion and comfortable wearing. As they are without any threads, the delicate tissues of your nips are spared from being scraped.

Each piece is crafted from ASTM-F136 Titanium, a biocompatible premium metal. Safe for body piercing, this metal is hypoallergenic. Hence, it's one of the most frequently recommended jewelry materials for sensitive body parts like your chest raisins.

Now that finding the perfect pieces is checked off your list, it's time to hunt for a reputable piercer. An experienced one will be careful not to damage the delicate tissues of your precious pair.

One thing to bear in mind is to let the piercing heal before allowing your partner to tug or pull the rings. Clean the punctured areas with the recommended solution to prevent bacterial infection. In no time, you'll have a body more enticing than ever! Invite him to explore your "wonderland" with these hoops soon! Buy now!

Color Silver
Material ASTM-F136 Titanium
Dimension Length: NA
Tube Diameter: 0.05 inch (1.2 mm)
Ring Diameter: 0.24 inch (6 mm), 0.31 inch (8 mm), 0.39 inch (10 mm)
Package Inclusion 1 piece jewelry

Iridescent Nipple Rings

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