Goth Style Black Nipple Rings
Goth Style Black Nipple Rings
Goth Style Black Nipple Rings
Goth Style Black Nipple Rings

Your submissive's breasts are your favorite assets of her body. And it’s not hard to tell why. They look indulgent. Their size, shape, and everted nipples keep you aroused all the time. You want to make sure that nobody else touches them, so you decided to put a barricade on her tits. But how can you possibly make that happen?

Well, the good news is the Goth Style Black rings are here! They will keep your partner’s tits off-limits to hands other than yours.

These hardcore pieces boast spike embellishments on top of the barbells. They also come in different Goth styles to suit your preference. The simple one is with a single arc, while the others take on various spike sizes and structures. Spikes, as you might not know, symbolize ferocity and protection. Animals use them as a natural defense against predators. Applying it to the BDSM relationship, they subtly showcase a dominant’s territory; hence, the sharp and protruding nubs are ready to prick unwelcome hands.

The barbells of these items are designed to accommodate most nipple diameters with their half an inch length. These conical stoppers will keep these rings in place.

These nipple accessories are reliable in terms of both safety and durability. With stainless steel as their base material, they are undeniably safe to use on the tits. Stainless steel is also known for its resistance to corrosion, rust, and oxidation, making these jewelry pieces top-notch. They are likely to stay with your partner for a long time. They are easy to maintain, too. You only need to wash them with warm water and mild soap. You can even do this as you take a bath.

Don’t let anyone touch your prized possession! Put a boundary mark on your sub’s nips with these Goth Style Black rings. Hurry and buy now!

Color Black
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
D Barbell: 0.51 inch (13 mm)
D Stopper: 0.28 inch (7 mm)
D Ring: 0.39 inch (10 mm)
D Gauge: 0.05 inch (1.2 mm)
D Stoppers: 0.12 inch (3 mm)
D Ring Thickness: 0.16 inch (4 mm)
Package Inclusion 1 Pair of jewelry

Goth Style Black Nipple Rings

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