Black Widow Spider Nipple Chain
Black Widow Spider Nipple Chain
Black Widow Spider Nipple Chain
Black Widow Spider Nipple Chain
Black Widow Spider Nipple Chain

Want to see your partner's tits swollen as if they got bitten by spiders? Here's a tool that can do just that! The Black Widow Spider Nipple Chain will make your lover's nipples swell as if an insect bit them. This product features a pair of uniquely designed clamps and a metallic chain attached to them.

The nipplegasm-inducing clamps have two curved clips at the top. They're made that way to give your lover's nipples that reddish and swollen look. Once you place their erect nips between these pincers, the clamps prevent blood circulation. But once you release them, the blood flows back to the tits, making them highly sensitive, and yes, swell. These swollen raisins will make you want to suck their tits more, making them even redder if possible.

At the bottom of these clamps is a screw. These nuts aren't just for holding the metal frames in place but also for adjusting the intensity of the pinch. Just rotate them down to the cord to tighten the pressure.

And speaking of the cord, this metallic chain isn't just for visual appeal or holding the clamps. It can also be used to heighten the sensation and test your partner's limits. Just pull it to drag their nipples down or until they ask you to stop!

The nipple toy is made of high-quality metal; hence, it gives a weighty feel to the user's breasts. And even if you can adjust the pinch intensity, it still squeezes hard. So if you're going to use it on your partner, you should plan the routine accordingly. Also, watch out for body signals, as these signs indicate that you're torturing their teats too much. These torture routines should be dependent on your partner's experience too. When it is too much for your lover, then you should stop the session immediately.

Pinch your lover's nips as if a spider bit them. Grab this Black Widow Spider Nipple Chain now!

Color Black
Material Metal
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Weight: N/A

Black Widow Spider Nipple Chain

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