Dare To Be Bold Nipple Rings
Dare To Be Bold Nipple Rings
Dare To Be Bold Nipple Rings
Dare To Be Bold Nipple Rings
Dare To Be Bold Nipple Rings

You and your partner are sexually active. You like to incorporate many toys into your bedroom activities or live out your fantasies to make your lovemaking more fun and exciting. Among all those kinky encounters you've done, play was your favorite. You like the sensations brought by pinching your nipples. But what you love the most is when your partner starts sucking your tits right after releasing them. Gosh, does it feel so good!

However, squeezing your nubbins with his naughty hands or even clamps makes him forget about your other body parts. Though you love it so much, you still want to feel his touch on your other sensitive spots. So, how can you do that? Simple! All you need is these Dare to Be Bold rings! Yes, they are made to adorn your body, but they can play a vital role in play.

This set of two nipple accessories features straight barbells that stick into your nipples. The bars improve arousal as they pass through your nips' nerve endings. Hence, they make your raisins super sensitive to every tease your lover does to your breasts. From a stimulating massage to a mind-blowing suck, you'll feel all these dirty deeds even more!

Besides the nipplegasmic bars, each one comes with a thick circular shield. They enclose your nipples, making them look more desirable. In addition, they let you have hands-free fun as they keep the bars in place. This way, your partner can use his hands on your other body parts that crave his touch!

These tantalizing tit rings are made of stainless steel, so rest assured that these accessories are safe to use. They also come in different colors, allowing you to choose a pair that suits your style and personality.

Now that you know how these Dare To Be Bold rings can spice up your kinky play, it's time to put them into use. Add them to your cart now!

Color Silver, Black, Rainbow, Gold, Rose Gold
Material Surgical Steel
Dimension Length:
Barbell - 0.54 inch
Balltip (Barbell) - 0.2 inch
Shield - 0.63 inch

Gauge: 0.06 inch
Package Inclusion 2 X rings

Dare To Be Bold Nipple Rings

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