Booty Slap Spanking Sex Toy
Booty Slap Spanking Sex Toy
Booty Slap Spanking Sex Toy
Booty Slap Spanking Sex Toy

You can’t resist it. The temptation is so strong that fighting it off is futile. Give in to that nagging urge because only then will you find true satisfaction. So go ahead and slap your partner’s ass. And when you do, do it with style. Do it with the Booty Slap Spanking Sex Toy. It is an erotic torture tool that will boost your slave’s sexual drive.

Spare your palms from turning red because this paddle will do the job as it is shaped like a hand. It comprises two PU leather pieces stitched together, forming a firm paddle. Stitched impeccably along the edges of the hand part, the slapper will remain intact and impactful. The handle, which is almost six inches long, features metal studs. These metal fasteners will hold the pair of leather strips together. The slapper is sturdy because a punishment calls for a tough weapon.

Though it looks intimidating because of its metal bits and size, it is actually less painful than a tailed whip. Hence, it is an ideal punishment tool for beginners. You can vary the pain inflicted by changing the force you apply as you hit your partner. And since it is lightweight, you can control the impact.

Don’t get the impression it is made only for BDSM enthusiasts because it is a highly effective teasing instrument. So if you really like vanilla, spice it up with this spanking tool. Heighten your partner’s sensitivity by giving him a taste of sweet, sweet pain.

As it is made of PU leather, no animal has ever been harmed. Its quality is never inferior to its genuine counterpart, but it is more affordable. It is smooth but durable, and it can withstand the test of time. Maintaining PU leather is also much easier as it requires quick and easy cleaning.

Give your slave’s ass a good spanking soon. Buy now!

Color/Type Black and Silver
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length:
Full Length - 11.42 inches
Handle Length - 5.91 inches
Width/Diameter: N/A

Booty Slap Spanking Sex Toy

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