Spoiled Slutty Brat Necklace
Spoiled Slutty Brat Necklace

In your past relationships, you are used to being babied by your men. You can get what you want with just a little cry with crocodile tears. Now that they left you, you do not know where to run to anymore. How can you be pampered now that you don't have a daddy?

The answer is a no-brainer. Get a sugar Papi who can tolerate your tantrums and your bitchy attitude. Come on. You've been there, so you should know it's easy to get another man. And to ease finding a new one, wear this Spoiled Slutty Brat Necklace! To the left, to the right, these men will come to you like bugs thirsty for your flower's nectar!

Wear this accessory to flaunt your singlehood to attract prospective men who can qualify as your new daddy. It's made of stainless steel and comes in silver and gold. Its luster and shine will glare upon men's eyes as they see the letters on your neckpiece: B-R-A-T. "At last! A baby girl willing to be my princess!" That would be your men's reaction as they see you boasting your statement piece. Match it with your deep-plunging-neckline dress that shows off your big-for-a-baby melons!

Once you catch your man, it doesn't stop there. Learn from your lesson in the past, and be generous somehow so he won't leave you this time. Serve your daddy and always make him happy. While you can be bitch at times, remember that he is still your man and needs respect, too. Your play should have limits and boundaries as well, so make sure to set them before entering into the daddy-princess relationship.

Use this necklace when you go to parties, events—where people, especially, men gather. You will surely be an eye-catcher in the crowd once you use the Spoiled Slutty Brat Necklace. Get this now!

Color Gold, Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Spoiled Slutty Brat Necklace

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