Butt Whooper Spank Paddle
Butt Whooper Spank Paddle
Butt Whooper Spank Paddle

Want to show your love for your sub's booty through slapping? Leave heart marks all over your docile partner's love bum! The Butt Whooper Spank Paddle gives a cute twist to a regular impact tool. It's designed with glittering studs formed into three hearts, making this paddle look adorable. It also has a long rope-bound handle, ensuring that it won't slip out of your hands as you spank your playmate's rear end. It also has a simple shape, perfect for kinky couples who want to try this erotic activity. Made of premium PU leather, this alluring toy lets you punish your submissive lover with no mercy!

Whipping can cause pain. Thus, it's essential to know your partner's needs before engaging in this activity. Get your lover's permission and know her boundaries ahead of time. Also, establish a safe word or gesture that will stop you from whooping your SO's ass if things go overboard.

Once all terms are set and agreed upon, there's no stopping you from showing your love for your girl and your sadistic side! Put your plaything's hands up in the air and tie them up. Bend her body over and caress her sexy back with the smooth side of the paddle, then slap her butt when she least expects it.

To take things up a notch, just flip it over and use the studded side to smack her voluptuous tush. Do it with no hesitations until you see three rosy red heart marks on her ass.

When the spanking session is over, don't forget to clean the paddle right after. Soak a clean cloth in water with mild soap and dab it all over its surface to keep its glossy finish. Immediately follow it with a dry towel to remove excess moisture, then keep it away from other naughty tools to prevent contamination.

Give your partner's ass some love with this Butt Whooper Spank Paddle. Buy one now!

Color/Type Red
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: 12.6 inches
Width/Diameter: 2.13 inches

Butt Whooper Spank Paddle

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